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The idea for OnePlaybook was originally conceived in August of 2004 by Brian Manning, the founder of 360 Sports Software, LLC. In April of 2008, the first version of OnePlaybook was released for sale to a few selected customers.

As of August 2008, the coaching software was released with a number of packages enabling all levels of teams and sports to use the software for coaches to give their team an edge! Whether you are a college football team, pee wee youth soccer parent, high school basketball coach, or professional baseball coach, there is a level of our software for coaches that is right for you.

In February of 2009, OnePlaybook became the first secure HD sports video host, continuing the tradition of improvement and innovation.

Coaching Software and Software for Coaches' Playbooks' Features

New features are getting added every day, and you can find out how to use them with our coaching software tutorials and find out what's being added at the founder's blog. Here's what you get when you sign up for your online playbook today:

  • Website Software for Football Website - Your team gets its own personal website
  • Football Software for Video Videos - Share high-quality flash (.flv) videos
  • Football Documents Software Documents - Send documents of any type
  • Custom Software for Football Customizable - Make your site your team's colors
  • Secure Playbook Software for Football Security - Everyone has own secure, encrypted password
  • Organize Your Football Playbook Organization - Customizable system of categorizing
  • Draw Football Plays Online Drawing - Draw your plays from any computer
  • Upload Your Playbook for Football Uploading - Upload your plays in any image format as well
  • Complete Control of Your Football Plays Control - Control who can log into your site
  • Space for Football Plays Space - More space than any playbook
  • Football Players Connect Forums - Communicate in one place
  • Communicate with Your Football Players Announcements - Keep everyone on the same page
  • Software Support for Football Support - Constant help and support
  • Technology for Football Technology - Take advantage of the latest and greatest
  • Link Video to Your Playbook Linking - Connect play diagrams to videos
  • Track Players Tracking - Track which players look at on your team's site
  • Simple Web Application for Football Simplicity - Perfectly easy-to-use

OnePlaybook is all about giving a coach what they want. Is there a feature you would like? A new option you would like to see? Let us know. You can follow along as features get added to our football software and OnePlaybook improves. OnePlaybook was created with coaches' ideas and feedback about the software - you can even check out our testimonials from coaches, and will only continue on that path.

Sports That Can Use Online Software for Coaching

Can your team use OnePlaybook? The current sports with coaching software packages are:

The Goal of Playbook Software and Coaching Software

OnePlaybook is built around the idea of allowing a coach to communicate and teach his players without needing to physically be in front of them or physically give them anything as easily and quickly as possible. Instead, it is all done with online software for coaches. Using the most recent and up-to-date resources, this online coaching software can give you exactly what you need and are looking for.

So, no matter the sport, take the next step in sports technology. Check out the packages, contact us, and begin using OnePlaybook today.

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